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Apple is coming up with AirPods Pro

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At this time, AirPods Pro are catching the attraction of several people. Apple has launched a higher-end version of AirPods with noise cancellation technology, updated design and better sound. You can buy them at $249.

Apple claimed that the company is increasing the magic of AirPods. These look similar to actual AirPods, but their features are better than previous models. You will get these devices with silicone tips for noise cancellation, fit and comfort. It is available in three sizes to fit in different ears.

Best Features and Better Colors

These are available in White color, but you may get them in more colors. A key noise cancellation feature of these devices uses dual microphones. Advanced software is suitable for every ear because Apple has customized the noise-cancelling experience.

With an integrated transparency mode, users can enjoy music with ANC (Active Noise Cancellation). After turning this feature on, you can even hear ambient sound from the atmosphere. In these AirPods, you can enjoy superior noise-cancellation and vent system to equalize pressure. Apple has introduced these AirPods to decrease discomfort. Moreover, in-ear designs offer a comfortable experience and better fitting. Airpods

Better Silicone Tips

You can enjoy great sound and comfortable fit with new silicone tips. These are larger than the previous AirPods. You will get a wider necessitating charging case. Pro AirPods case is horizontal and longer, but it is pocketable.

Its IPX4 rating proves that this device is water-resistant. These are capable of holding up a splash of water. For this reason, AirPods Pro can be safe from light rain and sweating. Make sure to avoid their submerging.

These AirPods Pro are available with EQ Adaptive feature for better sound quality. With Adaptive tunes EQ, the mid and low frequencies of music can adjust to the shape of each ear. You can enjoy the immersive and rich listening experience. 

Similar to AirPods and Solo Pro Beats, the Pro AirPods are powered by an H1 Apple-designed chip. This chip powers noise cancellation (real-time), hands-free support and Adaptive EQ feature. AirPods Pro last for almost five hours after charging. If you are using them with noise cancellation, their talk time will be 3 ½ hours. 

A wireless charging case of AirPods supports Qi-based charging. You can charge it over lightning cable with USB-C. The case offers over 24 hours of extra listening time and 18 hours of talk time. These are available for customers at $249.

Design of AirPods Pro

The general design of AirPods looks similar to actual AirPods. They have flexible silicone tips to fit tightly in your ear with noise cancellation technology. These are 30.9mm tall and 21.8mm wide. They are wider than the actual AirPods 16.5mm.

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