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What are the Best Tablets for Reading?

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We are going to introduce you to the best e-readers available in the market at this moment. These e-readers are excellent and offer you great value for your performance.  These are not cheap 7 inch android tablet if that is what you are looking for. 

Kindle E-Reader

The Kindle Series is known for being made for digital books. These offer excellent features and ease for avid readers. The E-Reader, the latest release from Amazon’s Kindle lineup, is built elegantly and fits in the palm of your hand without any problem. 

Before we get into more details, you should know Kindle is not an option if you want cheap 7 inch android tablet. The device only weighs 174 grams, making it lightweight. The e-reader comes with a 6-inch glare free display that uses E-Ink Pearl Technology from Amazon which improves your viewing experience. The Kindle E-Reader has 4GB internal storage. It features 16 levels of grey scales; this helps the readers to adjust to color brightness. 

Kindle Paper white E-Reader

This is one feature packed e-reader. It’s available in different colors, and might we say the ergonomics are excellent. It’s a lightweight device which makes it excellent for long reading sessions. It comes with a 6 inch bright resolution screen along with a pixel density of 300PPI.

The internal storage is 4GB, which is the standard for e-readers. The battery can be charged in 3 hours and it can last up to a week. cheap 7 inch android tablet

Barnes & Noble NOOK Glowlight Plus E-Reader

This is something unique, but it’s still not an option if you want cheap 7 inch android tablet. Barnes & Noble had produced a unique e-reader that is powerful, durable, and weatherproof. It comes with a 6 inch screen with 300 DPOI. The display is anti-glare and it offers good readability even under the sun.  The viewing experience is excellent from almost any angle. It is easy to grip and carry around. The device can easily last you for years thanks to an all metal body. 

Kobo Aura ONE E-Reader

This is one of the hottest e-readers right now. It costs a bit, around $300. You can get a decent tablet in this price range as well. The Kobo e-reader is worth every penny as it features a 7.8 full HD display and packs a 1GHZ processor and 1GB ram. The storage is 8GB, which is double than the market standard. The Kobo Aura One is also Waterproof IPX certified. It also features a Blue-light night to improve your night reading experience. 

Lenovo Yoga Book

We are surprised to see Lenovo made a decent e-reader, but what do you expect? Lenovo is known for its high quality work. Lenovo has made a slim and light tablet that is more than capable of meeting your needs. It’s a fully loaded e-reader that gives every single entry here a run for its money. Still it’s not an option if you want a cheap 7 inch android tablet

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