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List of Low Price Tablets from Microsoft

android tablets for sale

Are you a student and you are wanting the best windows tablet for an affordable price? If you are looking for android tablets for sale, you have come to the right place following we are going to discuss the best tablets with affordable rates currently available in the market.

CHUWI Hi10 Tablet

This Chinese tablet runs on Windows 10. If you need something that runs a full version of Window 10, but you don’t have the money for Microsoft Surface products, it will still meet your needs. It features a 10.8-inch screen with IPS panel. The screen has HD resolution and great display for the money. Though not one of the best android tablets for sale, it certainly makes one of the best Windows 10 Tablet at a low price. It comes powered with an Intel Atom X5 processor. The tablet features the dual book in case you want to switch over to Android.

NuVision 8-inch

Users appreciate this tablet. It’s one of the cheapest tablets you can find with Windows 10. There is an android version as well, and it has made an impact on android tablets for sale. This is a lightweight package that has six hours of battery life. You can easily travel while carrying it. The device has an IPS panel and Intel Atom processor. It has 2GB RAM and 32GB SSD Storage; you can also expand that storage with Micro SD. 

 NextBook Flexx 9

This is yet another budget-friendly option if you want to use Windows 10 without breaking your bank. It’s a convertible laptop which comes with a 1280 x 800 IPS display. You will get a keyboard with trackpad along with this device. Don’t worry; these will be detached so you can move it around easily. 

It has Intel Atom Quad-core processing with Bluetooth 4.0. The rear camera is 2.0 MP, and the front unit is a Webcam. Office products come preinstalled in this device. 

Lenovo Miix 320

This is a great addition in cheap tablets with Windows 10. You won’t have an issue with this device as it comes with pretty high specs for the price. You are getting a detachable keyboard with excellent build quality.  The 2 in 1 device is great for content consumption, if you need something to watch videos or films. Though this is not an excellent android tablet for sale, it’s a decent Windows 10 device with surprisingly affordable price.  The best part about this tablet is it offers ten hours of battery life. 

Samsung Galaxy Book 12

This was unexpected; we didn’t think a Samsung product would make this list. This book 12 has everything you would expect from a Samsung device, including excellent build quality and top of line specs with great pricing. The same case is here, but this device never took off due to the fact it ran on windows. It never made a name for itself. It’s an excellent product, especially considering the price point. 

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