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What is parental control and how to enable it on android?

Enabling parental controls

You will make it more secure by activating parental control. Remember, parental control allows you to restrict the access of appropriate content for your children. The function of parental control may vary across games and apps, movies, music, books and TV. Before learning how to enable parental control on Android, you should understand what parental control is.

What is parental control?

Parental control is a fantastic feature in different operating systems. It enables parents to set particular controls for the computer and phone use of their children. To use this control, you have to set up a user account. This feature will be associated with this account. You can get activity reports to monitor the online activities of your child. Different options in parental control are as follows:

  • Time Limits: You can set specific time limits to prevent logging on during particular times of the day.
  • Game Content: You can control the access of games for your children. Set particular age level, type of content and other things that you want to block for your child.
  • Web Access: Parental control allows you to restrict access of children to particular websites. You can even control file transfers.
  • Program-specific Controls: Parents can restrict their children from running particular programs on their computer.Enabling parental controls

Set up Parental Control

Open your Google Play Store on Android. Search and click the icon of Play Store on the home screen or Apps tray.

Click the three-lined menu button available in the upper corner of the screen. It will help you to access the navigation menu.

Click settings on the menu and check available options on the new page.

Scroll down and click parental controls. This option is available under “User Controls” on the setting menu.

You have to toggle the switch of parental control to on in the upper corner of the page (Parental Controls). 

You have to write the PIN code to set up this control on Android devices. This pin will be different than the pin of your phone lock screen and SIM card.

Click the “Ok” option to confirm a new PIN and complete this process. You have to enter a similar code again for confirmation. A confirmation pop-up will ask you to click “OK” and enable the feature of parental control on an Android account.

Click “Apps and Games” to choose a specific restriction level for application downloads. It will permit you to select a standard rating to restrict games and apps downloads. After completing this process, click the “Save” option. You can do this for remaining things as well, such as movies, TV and other content.

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