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Tips to Keep Your Laptop from Overheating!

Overheating issues

Our readers have constantly been asking us about this tablet, and the biggest reason that we have seen is that they are tired of their laptops getting heated upon every use. We hope that you will be able to solve this issue when you read the details. So let us move on towards the main idea of the article.

Today we are going to give four important tips that will help you get rid of this overheating issue on your laptop

General cleaning!

General cleaning is very important in any gadget that you use, especially in laptops and desktop computers. The main reason is that the usage hours of these gadgets are higher than the tablets and smartphones and secondly their exhaust fans are exposed and are in direct contact with dust, so they tend to get dirty. It is essential that a person who is using a laptop on a daily basis and more than five hours he must clean his exhaust fan every other month. This will help his system processor to work in a fine way so if you want to get rid of the overheating use these tips religiously.Overheating issues

Elevate your laptop or use a desk!

Almost every one of us uses our laptops directly on our laps, especially when we are watching a movie or are in bed. This is very dangerous and is the biggest reason why laptops get overheated. You must have never thought of it, but when you are using your laptop in your lap on your sheets then you must notice that the exhaust ducts are closed and not exposed to the outer environment, and hence the device is not able to exclude its heat from the body and gets overheated, this can also result in a spark or blast if used continuously for more than four to five hours or your laptop can die out eventually.  So whenever you use a laptop, make sure you use it on a hardtop or elevate it after every fifteen minutes so that the heat comes out and the machine maintain its temperature. 

Adjust fan speeds and don’t use it in a heated environment!

A laptop is a working machine, and it is a fact that it will continuously emit heat so if you are already using it in an environment having heat and humidity in it then the exhaust won’t work properly and it will get overheated. You can also adjust the fan speed of your laptop. If you feel like that the laptop is getting heated up, then you can increase the fan speed, and it will help your device cool down.

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