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How to transfer data from iOS to Android Wirelessly?

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Nowadays, transferring data can be easy between android and iPhone devices. If you are planning to buy 10 inch tabletsyou will need data transfer apps to transfer data from iOS to Android. Moreover, it is possible to transfer this data wirelessly. 

Transfer Files Between iOS and Android

With the help of Wi-Fi, you can transfer data from Apple to Android. You may not get a built-in file manager on the iPhone. Make sure to find a third-party manager or file explorer on the App store. FileMaster can be the best app to transfer files. It is suitable for file management and transfer. Feel free to use it to transfer files between two devices. If you are ready to buy an android tabletunderstand the process of file transfer to transfer data.

  • It will help you to transfer data between Apple and Android. You have to download a file transfer app on your iPhone. There is no need to install this app on an Android phone. Make sure to use a web browser or internet explorer on Android to communicate with the file manager of the iPhone and share data between two devices.
  • Run your “File Manager” on iPhone, click on the “More” button and select “Wi-Fi Transfer” from a pop-up menu. 
  • Slide a toggle to “ON” in the transfer screen of Wi-Fi to transfer a file wirelessly.

Connect an Android device to a similar Wi-Fi network as an iOS device. Launch your internet browser on Android to access the file transfer address of iPhone Wi-Fi. It will help you to access different folders and files from the file manager of the iPhone on your device. You can buy a tablet because this procedure is valid for each device. See these steps to transfer files from iOS to Android:

  • In the first step, you have to import files from iOS to iOS file manager app. 
  • Visit your iOS file transfer URL address with the use of a web browser on an Android device. 
  • Browse to folders from iOS and download files from iOS to Android.
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Transfer Files from Android – iPhone

Visit a file transfer address of the iPhone with the use of web browser on an Android phone. Tap on the upload button to choose files to upload from Android to iOS. Get ready to buy 10 inch android tablet because you can transfer data.

Your files and folders will be uploaded from an Android device to an iOS file manager app. Make sure to export the files from a file manager to iOS. Open your received files with compatible apps on iOS, share received files from iOS to other devices. Use compatible apps or tools on the iPhone.

Use wireless transfer utility to exchange videos, photos, music, and essential documents. 

Easy and Free Mobile Data Transfer

If you want to transfer data, some easy and free alternatives are available. See these alternatives:

  • SHAREit: It is a cross-platform for iOS, Windows, Mac, and Android. You can transfer files from different formats.
  • Zapya: Feel free to use this multilingual, wireless app to share data. 

Get ready to buy tablets and transfer data without any trouble.

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