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How to remove built-in unnecessary installed apps from android?

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After purchasing a new device, you will find several preinstalled apps in it. Remember, these apps are using battery and resources of your android phone. If you don’t need some of these apps, feel free to remove them from your system. This procedure is tricky but possible. See how to remove built-in unnecessary installed apps from android.

Causes to Remove These apps

Before you delete a preinstalled app, it is essential to understand the reasons to remove them. Here are some common reasons to remove these apps:

Preinstalled games and apps are bloatware.

You need storage, and these apps are covering it (you don’t want to use these apps even in the future). 

  • A battery of your phone is running out quickly.
  • Games and apps are eating your data allowance.
  • Preinstalled games and apps may be malware, uploading or recording personal information. 

It is not easy to uninstall or remove these apps. The procedure may depend on the condition of your device.

For Non-Rooted Devices

In numerous cases, it is impossible to delete preinstalled apps. You can disable them by going into the settings app. Go to “Settings – Apps and Notification – See all apps”. Choose apps that you don’t need and tap on the “Disable” key. 

The app is reverted to its initial version and blocked it from displaying on your phone. Remember, it will stay on your phone and take space. You will not see it running again on your android tablet. It may not work for every app. Some apps will be available in-app drawer.  

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Rooted Device: Bloatware Removal 

If you have a rooted device, you will need these utilities to remove bloatware. Get started with this method.

Titanium Backup

With this app, it will be easy for you to deal with the unwanted application on an android device. It will help you to handle every app preinstalled or downloaded from Google. A free version of Titanium backup allows you to uninstall and backup apps. You can get dozens of extra features with its paid version. 

NoBloat Free

You can use this app to enable or disable system apps. It comes with a tool to detect apps. With this app, you will be able to create backups of apps (preinstalled) and restore them. For rooted devices, it can be an ideal option. You can remove bloatware to save your battery. Premium version allows you to blacklist system apps, export settings and batch operations.

System App Remover

With this app, you can move and erase system apps. It can classify system apps and identify the right apps to remove them. The removal procedure is quick and efficient. You can move multiple apps at a time to the SD

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