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Windows restarts without warning – what to do?

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The reason is your old computer because windows restarts without warning. If windows of your computer automatically restarts without any warning, you have to try some troubleshooting options. These things will help you to solve different problems.

Software Error or Issue

With the release of XP Windows, Microsoft offers a feature for Windows to reboot automatically with an error. It was commonly known as BSOD. It was a nice feature to save your computer from damages and errors. If you are facing this issue, again and again, you have to identify mistakes to troubleshoot them. Fortunately, you can disable this feature in Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 and Vista. 

See these easy steps to disable this feature.

  • From your desktop, right-tap on “My Computer”. Open File Explorer and tap on “Thing PC” in the navigation pane.
  • Choose properties option in a pop-up menu.
  • In properties of windows, tap the advanced tab or “advanced system settings” link.
  • In an advanced tab, tap settings button under “recovery and startup”.
  • In recovery and startup window, you have to uncheck an automatic restart checkbox.
  • Tap OK.

If your PC generates an error, it must not automatically restart and display an error message similar to a BSoD. 

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Hardware Issue or Error

To check the hardware, you have to open your computer. If a hardware component fails in your computer, your computer will unexpectedly generate a reboot or error without warning. Remove a faulty hardware device to avoid possible issues.

Device manager will help you to find problems in hardware. Sometimes, your recently installed hardware needs a driver. Make sure to try an early version of drivers. Extra information and assistance with drivers will be available from the page of drivers.

In case of updated drivers, buy new hardware and install it on your computer. Reboot your computer after installing hardware. These components must be appropriately installed on your computer. If these are not installed appropriately, you will notice random reboots. Properly connect expansion cards and cables in your computer. 

Computer Viruses

Computer viruses like blaster virus can reboot your computer without warning. These infections can restart your computer after every 5 to 30 minutes. If your computer has a virus, you will need an antivirus program for your computer. Scan your computer regularly to keep things updated.

Several computers are designed to automatically reboot or turn off if video card, processor and other devices get hot. If you are listening to abnormal noises from your computer, it could indicate your fan is not working. It can increase the chances of overheating. Make sure to replace a fan and keep your laptop cool.

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