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5 Benefits you can enjoy if you still have Windows 7

Malicious Apps

Nowadays, a desktop wholesale comes with Windows 10. Remember, this new operating system still has some imperfections. People are not satisfied with its features, interface, and performance; therefore, they can’t forget Windows 7. Windows 7 is ten years old now. People are in love with this operating system just because of these reasons.


  • Privacy and Security


People love to use Windows 7 because of its privacy and security. Windows 10 needs more data than Windows 7; therefore, people are not happy with this operating system. They try to avoid an upgrade to Windows 10. 

Moreover, you can access numerous third-party tools after installing this old window in a desktop wholesale computer. No doubt, Windows 10 features BitLocker, UEFI secure boot, and Device Guard. People still need Windows 7 because of its convenience and features.

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  • Legacy and Compatibility Apps


Windows 7 always boasts improved software compatibility as compared to Windows 10. It is not about Steam, Microsoft Word, Spotify, and Photoshop. Millions of 3rd party apps and in-house proprietary software perform particular functions. The reliance on heirloom software makes it difficult for businesses to upgrade to a new system.

No doubt, Windows Movie Maker and Photo Viewer may be installed on the latest operating system. In practical terms, these are ended in this new window. You can’t access the media center of windows. To replace these apps, you will have Plex and Kodi in a desktop wholesale computer. 


  • Familiarity


People find it challenging to adapt to new technology. Windows 10 offers different settings and menus. These things may increase confusion and decrease productivity. Remember, users are comfortable with the themes, layouts, menus, and interfaces of Windows 7. They are not happy with Windows 10 because its layout is completely different. It needs time to understand new technology.


  • Restrictions of Hardware


It seems like Windows 7, and Windows 10 has similar hardware requirements. They are 1 GHz processor, 1 GB or 2 GB RAM, 16 GB hard disk space (free), and DirectX Microsoft 9 graphics with special WDDM driver.

If you want to install Windows 10 on a desktop wholesale, you will need different specifications. It can be difficult to install this latest window even in a system with similar specs. You will need a heavy computer for this operating system.


  • Force Updates


Force updates of Windows 10 become a nightmare for users. It means you can’t have 100% control over your operating system. In the case of Windows 7, there is no need to worry about force updates. Lack of control on your computer is a red line. 

In this case, people prefer to work with their old operating system. Windows 7 features permissions windows and pop-up notifications. You can get advantage of controllable and customizable settings. 

Windows update, security status, and user control are some great highlights of Windows 7. If you are not happy with Windows 10, feel free to stick with Windows 7. Moreover, there is no harm in upgrading your operating system for the desktop wholesale computer.

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