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How to Establish Ethernet Connectivity on iOS Devices

IPad Tablets

Establish Ethernet Connectivity

You may know that an iPad tablets and iPhones do not have an Ethernet port. However, with an Ethernet cable, a lightning to USB camera adapter, and an Apple USB Ethernet adapter, you can establish wired Ethernet connection in both the iOS devices. Once you get the compatible accessories for Ethernet, try the below jailbreak to establish an Ethernet connection in an iOS device ft. iOS 10.2 or later.

  • First up, disable the established cellular data or Wi-Fi connection on the iPad.
  • Then, insert one end of the Ethernet cable into a port on the router, and the other end of the Ethernet cable into the Ethernet port on the USB Ethernet adapter.
  • Now connect the USB end of the Ethernet adapter to the lightning to USB camera adapter.
  • Insert the lightning end of the Ethernet adapter into the iPad.

Your iPad will detect the established Ethernet connection in a matter of seconds. To check whether the Ethernet connection has got established clearly, launch the Settings app on iOS 10.2. In the Settings app, you can see the User Interface for Ethernet just below the Wi-Fi section. The UI for Ethernet will appear automatically and you can see the establish Ethernet connection in the settings app.

The UI for Ethernet is one of the entries that surfaced on iOS 10.2 and it displays all the wired Ethernet connections. Once you ensure the Ethernet has been established on the iOS device, open the Apple Safari to reaffirm the internet is accessible to you. If you can access the internet in the browser, then the Ethernet connectivity has worked successfully on the iOS device.

If iOS has not recognized the Ethernet connectivity, disconnect all the accessories, restart the device, and reconnect all the accessories again to retry establishing an Ethernet connection on iPad tablets. Most of you may try the jailbreak for Ethernet especially if the Wi-Fi signal in your area is weak or the cellular data is not accessible. Since Apple support using compatible adapters and accessories, the jailbreak for wired Ethernet will work and won’t void the warranty of your iOS device either.

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