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A Jailbreak to Install Instagram App on Android Nougat

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Install Instagram App

In order to download and install the Instagram app on Android Nougat via Google Play Store, you should first check if your device supports the application. You can simply search for the Instagram app, and click on Install button to check if your device supports the app. Else, if you have signed in to your Google account on more than one device, the Play Store will show This App is Compatible with All of Your Devices message below the app’s icon.

Tap on the message and you can see the refurbished tablets you used to sign in to Gmail and thereby determine the app compatibility. If the Instagram app is not supported, you may see a Your Device is Not Compatible message. However, even if you cannot download the app from Play Store, you can still try a jailbreak to install the Instagram app on compatible refurbished tablets ft. Android Nougat as explained below.

As far as Android Nougat is concerned, if you can install an app from anywhere except Google Play Store, the source of the app remains unknown to the OS. Thus, you need to open the Settings app in Android Nougat, look under the Personal heading, tap on Security, and turn on the toggle switch for Unknown Sources in order to download an app via third-party sources. Then, you can install the Instagram app by receiving the .apk file from a friend via Bluetooth on the compatible refurbished tablets ft. Android Nougat or download it from third-party sources.

In older versions of Android, the same setting may feature under Developer Settings or Applications heading based on the version of Android you have. Apart from that, if you download the Instagram app from the internet, open the .apk file from the notifications bar by tapping on it and the app will install on your device in a few seconds. The same goes true for other third-party applications that you may have downloaded from the internet.

Many people download Android-based applications from Play Store or may make in-app purchases to get the app by paying the price. Instagram is a free app on Google Play Store and contains advertisements. It shall also be noted the Instagram app may work slightly differently on Nougat and may look different on the unsupportive Android tablet, as you had to rely on third-party sources.

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