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How to Troubleshoot Common Bugs Occurring in iPad Tablets

Refurbished IPads

Troubleshoot Common Bugs

To find ways to troubleshoot the commonly occurring bugs in iOS or the device is one of the usual queries that users of refurbished iPads have in their minds. Below are four common errors in iPad alongside their respective troubleshooting steps. Get to know both and make your refurbished iPads more productive at the workplace.

A Frozen iPad

When the apps clog in the background, the iPad may become unresponsive or “frozen” as the patrons say. If you face this issue in a given day, then reboot the device by tapping and holding the Home button as well as the Sleep/Wake button simultaneously for a few seconds. If the iPad remains unresponsive, then connect the device to your PC and use iTunes to restore the iOS. Remember to backup the device data prior to restoring iOS with iTunes.

Connectivity Errors in iTunes

Firstly, update the iTunes installed in Mac or Windows PC. For that, open iTunes and then tap on Check for Updates to update iTunes in Mac or Help > Check for Updates in Windows PC. Then, check whether your USB drivers are up-to-date in PC and the Apple lightning cable is working. After that, reboot the iPad. If updating iTunes won’t work, then uninstall iTunes and reinstall the same to retry.

Wireless Connectivity Issues

If the iPad is dropping connectivity from an established wireless network, then just Forget the known network through iOS settings. Tap on the known network or the network your device won’t connect to, and then choose Forget. Then, reboot the device by tapping and holding the Home button as well as the Sleep/Wake button simultaneously to try and established a new wireless connectivity to the same known network.

Charging Problems

Refurbished iPads will be delivered with a good lightning cable to charge right out-of-the-box just like new tablets. If the device charges slowly when connected to a PC, then join the detachable lightning cable with a power adapter and plug the charger to the wall socket. Just like when you put the device into the wall socket for the first time, try charging again and wait until full charge. If the problem persists in iPad tablets, contact Apple support for further assistance as not charging may be a hardware issue.

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