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How to Enhance the Storage Space in a Samsung Tablet

Refurbished Tablets

Enhance Storage Space

There are many ways to move the applications installed in the internal storage of an Android device to the SD card. It is seen that many Samsung tablet users enquire how to facilitate this via Android platform and thereby free up space internal storage in the device. Obviously, the more internal storage available, the better performing your Android device will be.

To start the task, tap on the app drawer icon on your Samsung device’s home screen and tap on the My Files folder icon from the list. From the subsequent window, tap on the icon denoted by four horizontal lines to the top-right corner and tap on Settings. In the subsequent Settings window, just under Select Directories to the left, tap on the Set Home Directory option. Then, tap on to set the external SD card inserted in the device as default storage option. Tap on Done to the top-right corner of the window once you select, and you are good to go.

When you change the default storage location from internal storage to external memory, your future downloads would go directly to the new location. Note that you may settle for this option if your internal storage is a lot, but not if your device is running out of onboard storage. Moreover, the aforementioned process to configure the default download location from internal storage to SD card is as per Samsung Galaxy GT – N8000 tablet. However, in most of the Samsung phones and refurbished tablets of Samsung, you can access the My Files folder from the app drawer.

A good thing with Android’s adaptable storage feature is that you can download more files without having to worry about losing storage on the device. If your device features Android Marshmallow or Nougat, you can combine both internal memory and external memory together. For that, insert the SD card into the tablet and open the Settings app. Then, scroll down and tap on the Storage section and tap on the SD card name in the next window. Then, tap on the hamburger-menu denoted by three dots to the top-right corner and tap on Storage Settings. Then, select Format as Internal.

You will be given a warning Formatting Will Erase All Data Stored on the SD Card as a prompt, so you should have a backup of the data on the card prior to formatting. Once the SD card formatting is over, tap on Done and you can use the storage space as new again.

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