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Five Alternate Uses of Tablets

Over the years, tablets have become more prominent in the market, thanks to the rapid advancement of technology used in these devices. They have found an ever-increasing role in homes alongside workplaces as an alternative to laptops and smartphones. Tablets are a combination of both a laptop and smartphone and can be considered a hybrid between the two. They have advanced from simple touchscreen devices to advanced ones capable of executing high-end applications with ease. Many users are considering tablets for the efficiency they offer in executing a range of tasks like web browsing, creating and sharing word documents etc.

However, there is more to that, as tablets can be employed across a host of other applications that will assist the user in varied ways. Tablets, whether it is based on Android, iOS, or Windows can all be put to use for a variety of purposes, or for assisting in travel and hobbies. Due to their immense potential, many users buy bulk tablets to meet their different needs. Some of the alternate uses of tablets are described below.

A Handy Creative Studio

A number of artists use tablets for creating splendid digital artworks and many other things. When paired with the right accessory such as a stylus, a tablet can be transformed into an effective digital canvas that can be used to create simple illustrations to complex mashups of strokes and colors. There are different drawing and design apps that are intended for use in tablets. By using them, one can create splendid artworks with the aid of their large array of tools and features.

Besides, tablets can also be used for other purposes such as creating music with the help of many of the mixing and instrument apps available online. They can help in creating as well as editing music on the go. Moreover, the large display, ease of use and portability makes tablets the ideal choice for creating and sharing a range of digital artworks.

DSLR Monitor

Most professional photographers tend to use an additional monitor like that of their laptops, while capturing images. This provides them with real-time previews on the large screen thereby enabling them to adjust the composition for better results. Tablets, due to their large and clear display, are ideal for use as monitors for DSLR cameras. They can render the exact information that the camera produces.

By connecting the tablet with the camera using an OTG cable, one can actually preview the images on the tablet screen. With this setup, professionals can accurately compose shots while also make key adjustments to the camera parameters based on the color information displayed on the tablet. This also requires installing the DSLR Dashboard app on the tablet, which is available free in the Play Store.

Smart Home Automation

Tablets are very useful in homes and this is especially true if the home is equipped with smart home automation systems. These systems are mostly controlled using smart devices and this is where tablets come handy. The large display of tablets combined with their improved connectivity options makes them easy to connect to home automation systems. It is also much easier to control the various elements inside a home using a tablet when compared to smartphones as tablets have larger displays.

Another prominent use of tablets in home automation is that they can be converted into a security camera. This is helpful to monitor babies or patients without causing any disturbance. Apps like the IP Webcam, when installed in a tablet, can convert it into a camera that is capable of streaming into any device.

E-Book Reader

Tablets are ideal to function as an e-book reader due to its large screen and storage capacity. More users are relying on tablets as e-book readers than purchasing an actual reader. Moreover, tablets have found extensive usage across educational institutions as they buy bulk tablets in order to provide the students such devices.

The large screen of a tablet makes it ideal for reading eBooks. Besides, the apps like Google Play Books or iBooks can offer an extensive database of eBooks accessible with the tablet. Tablets can also serve as cookbooks for use in kitchens since their large and bright displays promote better viewing when preparing a recipe.

Secondary Screen

While working on a computer, there will be occasions when you need an additional screen. Tablets with their large display can function as a secondary screen for a computer. This is more helpful when carrying out specialized tasks in the computer like video editing. The tablet can be used to preview the shots while the computer display can preview the workflow. The availability of numerous apps can transform a tablet into a second monitor for use with a desktop or laptop computer.

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