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What to Do if your iPad Gets Wet

Businesses that offer tablet rentals say that water damage is a very common issue with iPads and Android tablets. Both iOS and Android devices are susceptible to water damages and it can at times void the warranty of the device. If have dropped your iPad in water, do not panic. Even if you have dropped the device into a tub full of water, not all the data stored in the device might be lost.

When it comes to an iPad, there are two different scenarios. The first one is water spilling on the top of the device, such as accidentally spraying the iPad with a hose, and the second one is dropping the device into a large quantity of water like a pool or bathtub. The original iPad is equipped with two water damage indicators. Apple referred to these indicators as liquid submersion indicators at the time of launch of the iPad. The indicators are now named as liquid contact indicators (LCI).

You can find the first liquid contact indicator in the audio jack port. The indicator is installed much deeper, so you will need a light enabled magnifying glass or a flashlight to inspect the same. The liquid contact indicator is placed inside the dock connector. Yet note that there are no liquid contact indicators in iPad 2 devices.

Whatever be the model of the iPad device that you are using, you need to do the following things if your iPad gets wet.

  • Turn off the device immediately. Do not connect the device to a computer, turn it back on, or try to charge it.
  • Make use of a soft microfiber cloth to hand dry the device. Make sure that you dry the device as best as you can.
  • Remove the SIM card and get rid of any moisture from the slot. Carefully wipe out the headphone and charger ports.
  • After drying the iPad, place it in a bag of silica gel packages and allow it to sit for at least forty-eight hours. The silica will absorb the moisture in the iPad and will prevent damages to the components.
  • After forty-eight hours, turn on the device as usual. If the device turns on without any issues, you can connect it to the computer and perform a complete restore of the data with iTunes. This would help you get the device to its original working state.

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