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Why over 40 million play store users installed Malicious App?

Malicious Apps

You have to carefully choose apps for your devices. Unfortunately, Android users are at risk again after ai.type keyboard app. It was available on Play Store and made unauthorized purchases of premium content. This app was downloaded over 40 million times.

It was hiding in plain sight and masking its spoofing activities. Malicious apps attack Soundcloud. The Google Android app often delivers millions of fake clicks and invisible ads. They can pass on data of user about real clicks, views, ad networks and purchases. 

Malicious Apps

There are 42 adware-infected apps in the Google Play Store that received 8 million downloads. The cybersecurity discovered this adware, and now they claim that Google has removed all of these apps. Unfortunately, third-party app stores still have these software apps. Some apps show legitimate ads; therefore, their presence is sinister. They can become a path for scam ads. Remember, apps can collect your personal information and drain the battery of your phone.

Malicious software apps show full-screen ads at random intervals. For this reason, it becomes complicated for users to know a responsible app for the ads. These ads can collect data from your device about operating system version, type of device, number of installed apps, language, battery status, storage space, etc. 

Malicious Apps

Ai-type Malicious Keyboard

An Israeli firm has designed Ai.type. It is a customizable on-screen tablet with emojis. In the background, the app steals your information without your knowledge. Your device will be controlled by bots of the network by fraudsters to commit ad frauds. In June, this app was deleted from the Play Store.

It is still working on millions of Android devices. Moreover, it is available on third-party marketplaces. After removing this app, there was an immediate spike in suspicious activities. Over 14 million suspicious transactions are detected and blocked. These requests were made during 110,000 devices that have ai.type keyboard

A free version of the ai-type keyboard is available in the Google Play Store. It was added in October. Researchers claim that they did not find any suspicious activity from this new app. Moreover, the premium app is not affected by malicious software. 

There are several rogue apps in the Play store. Some ESET researcher discovered more than 8 million installs by adware through 42 apps. A detailed report by ESET researcher shows over 300 million malicious apps for Android devices. Android users need protection from adware and spyware. 

After installing an app, keep an eye on your phone. Immediately uninstall your newly installed app after noticing unusual behavior or activities.

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