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5 things that make your Android Tab Slower

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Remember, your activities can decrease the speed of your tablet. Make sure to pay attention to the health of your device. You have to identify specific activities that can reduce the speed of your device. Here are some things that can make your android tablet slow. See their solutions to make everything fast.

Close Out Additional Apps

Mobile OS (operating system), such as iOS and Android, can do a great job of managing its resources. Remember, using lots of apps at a time can make things slow. To increase the speed of your device, you have to close all devices. Once you buy a tabletcheck available options to manage its battery life and space.

It is possible to close all apps with the help of a task button. Moreover, you can see a cascading style of apps on your screen. Feel free to swipe down or up to move through a list and hit the “X” button in the right corner of every window

Reboot Your Device

If your device is slow even after closing all apps, you can try a quick reboot by pressing your side button. It will give you access to a power-off button on Android tablets or smartphones. Make sure to press this button for a few seconds to power off your device. Select a “restart” option to reboot your device.

After rebooting your device, you have to start a cleaning process. Wait for a few seconds to reload an operating system and refresh its memory. It will help you to solve numerous problems.

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Check Speed of the Internet

If a smartphone or Android tablet is slow after restarting it, you have to upgrade it. Before upgrading your device, you have to check different other options. Try to clear up the issue with your internet.

In numerous cases, you will need a device for different online activities. Sometimes, people get confused between slow internet and a slow device. To avoid any confusion, try to use your device with high-speed internet. If the problem persists, you can check available options to buy a new tabletContact your service provider to cross-check if your internet is slow or you have a slow device. 

The distance of your router may increase speed issues. If your internet is slow, move closer to your router and check its speed. Try to reboot your router because a fresh start can improve the speed of your device.

Disable Widgets

After rebooting the device and checking the internet connection, you have to check widgets. These mini-apps are helpful for users but can eat up your resources. You may find it great to set a clock on your home screen. Remember, each widget will use the storage space and battery of your device.

Try to disable a few widgets from your device. It will help you to increase the speed of the android tablet.

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