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Apps that will not work on Microsoft Surface Pro X

Microsoft Surface Pro X

Sometimes, WhatsApp messenger may not work on your Microsoft Surface Pro X. There is nothing to worry because a compatible version of WhatsApp is available for Surface Pro X. Unfortunately; there are numerous apps that can’t be installed on your Microsoft Surface Pro X. You may face compatibility issues or other problems.

Drivers for Games, Apps and Hardware May not Work

Some drivers for apps, games and hardware may not work if they are designed for a 10 ARM-based Windows PC. Check with the manufacturer before downloading a driver. Software programs need specific drivers, but old drivers will not work on your new Surface Pro X. 

These drivers are used for antimalware and antivirus software, PDF or printing software, CD and DVD utilities and assistive technologies. The hardware and app may rely on these drivers. Devices and peripherals may work if they are designed for Windows 10.

Microsoft Surface Pro X

64-bit Apps May Not Work

For your 64-bit or 32-bit Windows, you will need special apps and games. App developers have designed special versions of these apps and programs. You may not be able to download old programs. Make sure to download the new versions of games. 

Apps and games may not work if they are based on an OpenGL 1.1. Sometimes, these programs have anti-cheat drivers for Windows 10. You will not be able to install these complicated programs on your Microsoft device. 

Customized Apps for Windows Experience

Some apps are available for a customized windows experience. You can’t install these apps on your Microsoft device. Applications that modify the experience of Window users can’t be installed on your Microsoft Surface Pro X.

If you are unable to install antivirus software in your Surface Pro, you have to buy its alternative. It can be difficult for you to download these tools. Make sure to find compatible devices or software. In this way, you can increase the protection of your phone, tablet and laptop

Scan and Windows Fax is not available for Microsoft Surface Pro X. Remember, your tablet and computer need updated applications to manage different tasks. If you can’t download compatible apps, it can be a frustrating situation for you. To avoid possible issues, carefully check the compatibility of your device and software tools.

In your Play Store, you can find several compatible programs. These programs will help you to manage computational tasks. If you have large projects, you will need Microsoft Office. With the help of apps and games, you can increase the efficiency of your device.

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