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How to hack Google Play to get all Paid Apps for free?

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Unfortunately, the Google Play Store doesn’t have completely free apps. You may get a limited free version. To access extra features, it becomes necessary to make payment. Fortunately, you can download paid apps for free on android without rooting your device.

Millions of apps are available on the Play Store to download videos, online shopping and play music. These apps can make your life simple. To get these apps, you can hack the Google Play Store. Here are some easy methods to hack the Play Store.


You can install it on your  android tablet without rooting your device. It allows you to hack paid android games. With the use of this app, it will be easy for you to increase jewels, money and coins without any limit. This app has a simple interface and permits you to hack in android games without rooting it. Download this app and surprise your friends with your performance in each game.

AppSara v1.0

You can use this app for in-app purchases and hack games on android devices with no root. With this app, you can hack over 50 android games. Make sure to check the list of supported games. Feel free to hack supported games and hack in-app purchases. If your game is not available in the list, you have to root your tablet.

top rated tablets


If you want to hack in-app purchases without rooting a mobile, you will need a LuckyPatcher. With this app, it will be easy for you to hack Google Play Store of wholesale tablets. Moreover, you can download paid apps with the help of this app for free. 

It allows you to remove a license from games and applications. Remember, this app will not work for online games. You have to hack server to access online games. It is a complicated process.

Leo PlayCard

With Leo PlayCard, you can access numerous apps for free, such as Foo, pinball HD. It comes with a built-in play card similar to Lucky Patcher and CreeHack app. You can download this app without rooting your device. This app may not work on Gunship Battle games because of their security mechanism.

Freedom APK

It can be a great app to hack in-app purchases for free. With this app, you can get free jewels, levels, lives and coins for free. In this way, you can save your hard-earned cash. Freedom v1.5.3c is the latest version available for android versions, such as marshmallow and other advanced versions. With this app, you can purchase different things without making payment.

AppVN Application

It is a famous APK app to download paid apps without making payment. With this third party application, you can save your money. It can make games enjoyable without rooting your device. Avoid rooting your android phones because it can hurt the security of your sensitive data on the same device.

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