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HP’s new Chromebooks are aimed at the enterprise

Wacom tablet driver

HP launches a specific set of Chromebooks for business users. With spacious keyboards and 14-inch HD displays, these are great to work on the cloud. You can manage the function of hardware components in your laptop. You will need Android apps and Linux to deal with the deficit. 

The Chromebook HP Enterprise G1 X360 14E is a fusion of HP X360 Chromebook. It comes with a stylish silver finish as compared to ceramic finish. The main specs of this machine are as follows:

  • Chrome operating system with enterprise upgrades
  • Pentium 4417U, Intel Pentium 4415U, Core i5-8350U, Core i7-8650U or Core i3-8130
  • On a Wacom tablet driver (not recommended by HP, you can install in your PC as per your need)
  • Almost 16GB DDR4 RAM
  • 64GB or 32GB storage
  • 2 x USB-C, MicroSD, x USB 3.1 and 3.5mm audio
  • 720p camera HD
  • FHD IPS touch display at 250 nits
  • Full-size keyboard backlit
  • Starting @ 1.61kg (3.7lb)
  • 12.81 x 8.93 x 0.63 inches
  • Linux and android apps 
  • 2-in-1 form factor

HP launched a new Chromebook (14-inch) with 14A G5 Chromebook Enterprise. Its specs are broadly similar to X360 along with some differences. You may not find 2-in-1 capability so that you may stick with a plain laptop. This device doesn’t offer an Intel processor. It is equipped with an AMD A6 or A4 processor. Storage of this device may vary between 16GB and 64GB. You will get an 8GB RAM in this tablet.

Best Devices with Great Features

HP is offering re-branded versions of current customer devices. You can expect display quality better than a Wacom device. Wacom depends on a  driver for its different functions, such as display and other things.

They are enterprise devices with business-class features. You will be able to get numerous unique features, such as support services, remote management and enterprise security. Google offers better configuration options for the Enterprise version of 14 Chromebook x360 for consumer models. 

This laptop supports eMMC 32GB or 64GB storage and DDR4-2133 RAM. It features 802.11ac WiFi, 1920 x 1080 pixel touchscreen display, USB 3.1 two Type-C ports, a headset jack and Type-A 3.1 port. The convertible 14-inch is powered by a battery of 60.9 Wh. This notebook measures almost 12.8” x 8.9” x 0.6” and 3.7 pounds weight. 

Wacom tablet driver

Affordable Options

If you want to avoid higher price tag or horsepower, you can get the advantage of convertible features. It is possible to opt for HP Chromebook G5 14A. HP devices support Liliputing for revenue. 

Advanced Security Features

For advanced security features, you can depend on Chrome Enterprise. Latest upgrades provide superior security, and IT controls. It is possible to disable the devices and protect corporate data. You can set devices as ephemeral and remove user data after each session.

You will get better access to shared devices and 24/7 admins support.

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