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How iOS 13.2 Version Gives You Control over Siri Recording

Tablets with Wifi

iOS 13.2 version is designed to offer a competitive advantage to the users. With this version, you can enjoy having an excellent improvement in the interface, and it introduces a variety of new emoji’s as well. 

Not only this, but iOS 13.2 proves to be marvelously amazing due to its massive privacy controls regarding Siri. Let us have a glance at how iOS 13.2 version provides excellent control over Siri recording.

Complaints Regarding Siri Privacy:

Siri works best by responding to your voice commands. You can use Siri while going on traveling or exploring the answers to your desired questions. The great facility is enjoyed by the users. It is worthy of people belonging to different fields as it offers a quick response to them. No need to type for exploring. 

There are some issues regarding the privacy of Siri recording, which got extended in summer. Many of the unintended Siri recordings were leaked.  Apple planned to suspend this recording program so that it could come up with better privacy control.

Tablets with Wifi

Siri Privacy Control:

Apple introduced iOS 13.2, which ensures more privacy features to Siri recording. It has a splash screen. Siri got improved, and it offers dictation as well. Go to the settings of Siri and navigate to the Privacy section. You are provided with the facility to safely share Siri recordings as well as delete the history. 

Deep Fusion computational photography is an exciting feature of iOS 13.2. 

Announces Message with Siri:

iOS 13.2 made it easy for users to communicate with Siri as they have kicked out the concept of saying “Hey, Siri” in order to initiate the conversation. You need to have the 2nd generation AirPods for using this. Siri announces your messages even without unlocking your phone. All you need to do is to navigate Settings and then click on Siri. 

Now you have to explore the option in the menu, which stats “Announce Messages.” More privacy is ensured when Siri announces messages and listens to your replies without opening the iPhone

Passcode Facility:

Want additional security of Siri? If yes, then you can apply passcode to it. For protecting it through passcode, you need to simply move to the settings. After taping on the settings options, you need to click on the Touch ID and Passcode. Here, you would find the golden opportunity to get access to Siri with a locked phone. 

You have to click on the Allow Access when the phone is locked through scrolling down.  Simply get out of the settings by clicking on exit.

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