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The new 4K projector allows you to turn any wall into theatre quality screen

New 4K Projector

A UST (Ultra Short Throw) 4K definition (Vava), home theater projector, is available in $2700. You must have sufficient space for a screen and projector. The projector features integrated motion sensors and Harman-Kardon speaker to protect your eyes. There is no need to hurt your eyes by staring into laser and lots of inputs.

A low-cost and miniature portable projector may not impress you. The space between the screen and a projector may help you to get the desired image. Vava is a projector to impress lots of people.

Setup for Vava

You can set up Vava with a simple procedure. The hit power button and the system will turn on and start walking through a small setup. Use a tablet or another device to control a 4K projector. Make sure to choose a source and start walking through a setup. Connect to Wi-Fi and use the on-screen keyboard. It can work in four directions. 

A safety feature is available for users. Moreover, you can adjust the display size. Users will get a warning for any issue in the image or laser beam. Moreover, projectors come with a motion sensor. With this projector, it is possible to turn your walls into theatre-quality screens. Fortunately, you can control their functions with a tablet. New 4K Projector

Ultimate Viewing Experience

The new 4K resolution projectors allow you to get the advantage of portable design and smart streaming. This projector can deliver a cinematic experience from different locations of your house. With easy handle, short-throw lens and lightweight design, you can move a projector from one place to another. It is suitable to use in backyards. Images remain bright and vivid with 2,500 LED Lumens. 

With crisp 3840 x 2160 ultra HD resolution and Rec. 709 compatibility, you can enjoy better image quality. It allows you to stream content from Google and Amazon. 

Latest projectors feature 8.3 million pixels on your screen. These are suitable for streaming content, sports, games and movies. Fortunately, new 4K projectors are cost-efficient and eco-friendly. It features LED 2,500 Lumens for brilliant images. You can get the advantage of 30,000 hours of use. These projectors integrate double blue LED, green and red light sources. Enjoy excellent quality with color saturation and luminance. 

Highly dynamic range (HDR10) offers great details for darker and brighter parts. Get the advantage of contrast ratios and better colors. In short, it can enhance your viewing experience. For an immersive experience, you will need this particular projector. It works under 3D for immersive and relaxed entertainment. 

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