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How to Password Protect Your Windows Computer?

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It can be annoying to buy a wrong tablet or computer because of your limited budget. There is no need to worry because you can research where to buy affordable tablets onlineIn this way, you can avoid possible troubles and shoddy products. See these things for the protection of your new computer or tablet from online threats.

Password Protect Windows Through Control Panel

Open Control Panel and click on “User Accounts”.

You can make a new account or skip this step if you already have a user.

Select the user you want to change and click on this account.

Tap on change password.

You have to type in a secure password twice and feel free to type a hint. 

Try to create a strong password, but don’t use your personal information. A secure password must contain small and capital letters, numbers and signs. Make sure to remember this password because you will not get access to your computer after forgetting it.

Enter a password twice and tap on “create password”.

Settings App to Change Password

  • In windows 10, you have to open a “Settings App”.
  • Go to the accounts page.
  • Tap on the “sign-in options”.
  • You can tap “change” under the password. In the absence of a password, you can add a new password.

Make sure to create a strong password on your computer. To create a new password, you have to write a password twice. Confirm this password and tap on creating a new password. Feel free to add a hint for your password to memorize it.

Tap “Next” and then “Finish”. A password protects your computer. Other people can’t use your computer without your permission.

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BIOS Password

You can change the password of BIOS. Remember, it is a strong password to lock up precious hardware of your computer. It will make your computer unusable. It is possible to create two types of BIOS passwords: a Supervisor password and a User password. 

User Password

It will help you to lock down your entire computer. Once you start up a computer, a box will ask you to enter your BIOS password. Your computer will not start without taking this password.

Supervisor Password

You can protect your devices with this password. With the supervisor password, you can lock the configuration menu of your password. Make sure to set this password to prevent someone from stealing your data or resetting a disk.

Open BIOS to set this password and press F2 for Dell, F10 for HP, F1 for Lenovo, and Del for Asus. These buttons will not work on a different model. Feel free to search online to find the right key for BIOS. 

Navigate to a security tab and create a strong password.

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