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Pixel 4’s “face unlock” works even while you sleep

Face Unlock

Do you know face unlock of Pixel 4’s will work even if you are dead? Skype, IMO and WhatsApp will be accessible with this feature for everyone. Remember, biometric security of phone can unlock your phone even if you are unconscious. Pixel 4 and 4 XL face unlock becomes a significant security feature. 

It can be dangerous because a kidnapper, a partner or your kid can unlock your device while you are unconscious or sleeping. Face ID of Apple ensures that you are alert before unlocking your iPhone. The Pixel 4 suggested using password, pattern or PIN to increase the security of the phone.

Basic Security Flaws from Google

Google is another major phone with this issue. It is a significant flaw from Google because several people complain that their phone was unlocked when they were sleeping. In this situation, PIN or Password is a good gauge of consent. 

If you are conscious and need your secret information, you have to type in your password. Even fingerprint readers are not safe for everyone. Anyone can use your finger when you are sleeping to unlock your device. It may increase the chances of unlocking your device without your awareness and consent.Face Unlock

Face Lock System of Other Devices

Face ID on Apple is better than Google. It needs your alertness, such as open eyes. The old unlock Android 4.1 system requires users to blink eyes if you have a stationary head.

Early versions of Pixel 4 had a checkbox that wanted you to open your eyes for face unlock, but it is not available in this unit. The current implementation of eye-closed is available in the market. The Pixel 4 doesn’t have a fingerprint scanner. If you have a phone unlocked without your consent, the person will access all your important information. Moreover, it is dangerous for your sensitive data.

How to secure your phone?

If you have a Pixel 4 device, you can increase the security of this phone with other security options. Turn on other lockdown options, such as disable face unlock and use PIN or password. It will help you to save your data and other essential things.

Customize Interface of Pixel 4

Manufacturer skins and third-party launcher apps, such as OxygenOS of OnePlus afford better customization options. You can tweak the look of your Pixel 4 with these options. Google is wading in this space with new style options. Feel free to choose between some fonts, accent colors, icon shape and other opportunities for the user interface. 

You can choose your style by opening “Settings – Display – Styles” and wallpapers to begin customization to your pixel experience. The new devices come with 90Hz, and you can turn this feature on. Remember, this feature can affect your battery life.

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