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Comparison between 7-Inch and 8-Inch Android Tablet

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The demand for tablets has increased greatly over the years. this has lead to the diversification of the available devices. Tablets are now available with display screens 7 to 18 inches. Getting the best cheap 7 inch android tablet is a great choice. However, the look of a tablet does depend a bit on the screens size of the tablet.

Usually, people just consider buying a tablet varying from 7 to 10 inches. There are a wide variety of tablets that just differ in 1 inch from each other, and all other specifications and features are usually the same.

Display Size:

As we all know, the display size is commonly given when purchasing a tablet. However, the number you are given is not the actual size of the screen. This is because the size of the screen gets measured diagonally. But when talking about the display, this number acquires both height and weight resulting  in creating the display area.

A 7-inch display screen would have 16:9 ratios; which would make it almost 21 square inches. Getting an 8-inch display screen, it would be 27.5 square inches approximately. There is a difference of 6.5 square inches. So the difference in size is quite noticeable. Getting the best cheap 7 inch android tablet will be smaller than the 8-inch android tablet. But still, system-wise, they would not be very different.  


There are many different tablets available  on the market, some of which are 7 and 8 inches. companies will usually post a higher price for buying an 8-inch tablet. The 8-inch tablet have specifications that are different from those of the 7-inch tablet. The best cheap 7-inch android tablet would not do not have the same specifications as an 8-inch tablet.  

The weight of the 8-inch android tablet could be much more in contrast with the 7-inch android tablet. There is also a difference in the resolution of both tablets. For instance, if the resolution of the 7-inch tablet would be 1024×600, the 8-inch tablet resolution would be 1280×800 or higher.  

There is also a slight difference between the processor of both tablets. The best cheap 7 inch android tablet’s processor would not be the same in power and productivity as the 8 inch tablet’s processor. There is also a visual difference between the RAM of both tablets. An 8-inch android tablet’s RAM would be superior to 7-inch android tablet.

Now the most important thing is storage. Yes, there is also a difference in the storage capacity of both tablets. The 7 inch android tablet would acquire less storage than an 8-inch android tablet.

Smaller Is Valuable:

Now you can think that 7-inch tablet is not really the best choice in contrast with an 8-inch tablet. But actually, this is not the case. There are a lot of companies which offer the same features and specifications, whether you buy 7 inch or 8 inch android tablets. Even those tablets have equivalent storage. If you find a best cheap 7 inch android tablet with similar features as of an 8-inch tablet, go for 7 inches. It cost less and will give you the same usage in return.  

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