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Google Launches a New Android App

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New Android App

Google recently introduced a new app for Android devices, titled as Family Link. The app developers claimed that the Family Link app would allow parents to hand over their old Android smartphones and tablet to their kids without any worries. This is because parents will able to control what their kids access and download through the web with the help of this new innovative app.

All parents need to do is create a Google account for their kids and simply download and install the app on their Android devices. The Family Link app will let parents decide which apps from the Android Play Store are available to their kids. This means that parents can block or approve apps that their kids wish to download to their Android tablet.

In addition to that, this app also allows parents to set device time limits, remotely lock the device, and monitor the apps accessed by their kids. This will not only help them to ensure that their kids are using tablets in the right way but also guarantee that kids won’t stumble upon explicit and obscene websites while they are using the web.

The Android product manager for kids and families, Saurabh Sharma said, “Kids are the most curious among us, and technology can be an avenue for them to express their creativity and to help them learn? Whether they’re doing research for a school report, learning to string together a few chords on a guitar, or just playing their favorite games. At the same time, we want parents and kids to navigate technology together in a way that makes sense for their family.”

Sharma added, “Family Link can help you set certain digital ground rules that work for your family, whether you’re occasionally checking in on your kid’s device activity, or locking their device every day before dinner time.” Besides, this app also helps parents to identify the location of their child’s Android device.

Reports from several reliable sources indicate that Google is planning to target Amazon and their highly popular kid-friendly Fire tablets directly with their new Family Link app. The Fire tablets of Amazon are immensely popular among parents because these devices let parents set screen time limits for their children. Google is hopeful that their Family Link app will bring more benefits to parents.

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