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How to Configure Privacy and Security Settings in Safari

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Configure Privacy And Security

Internet browsing has its own challenges especially concerning safety. Most users are concerned about this lack of safety on the web and this is increased when browsing is done via mobile devices such as an iPad. In spite of its exceptional security features, we may often navigate through unsafe sites that can pose a risk at the security of our device.

You might have come across such sites while browsing the web through your iPad a few times. If you are not careful while browsing the web, it can result in many issues such as identity theft, tracking and unauthorized remote access of your device, etc. However, the Safari browser in your iPad comes with many security features that you can control in order to make your browsing more secure.

Below is how to configure privacy and security settings in the Safari browser on your iPad and make it more secure for internet browsing.

Disable Cross-Site Tracking Settings

Cross-site tracking is a method that monitors your activities and behavior in the web. It is carried out to target you with advertisements related to your search queries. At times, you will find that it is an annoying feature that can compromise your privacy on the web.

To turn it off in Safari, first open the Settings app and then scroll down and open Safari. Under Privacy & Security, toggle the switch to On near the Prevent Cross-Site Tracking option. This will prevent any sites to carry out cross-site tracking on your iPad.

Be Aware of Fraudulent Websites

The Safari browser has the ability to identify sites that are fraudulent and unsafe. It can notify you while you are browsing the web, thereby saving you from accessing them. To enable this feature, go to Settings > Safari and under the Privacy & Security, tap on the switch near Fraudulent Website Warning. Enabling this feature will notify you in case you come across fraudulent sites on the web.

Disable Site Tracking

Besides cross-site tracking, you can also configure the Safari browser to prevent the tracking of your behavior on the web. Safari has the feature that will send a request along with the traffic that will ask websites not to track your behavior. To enable this feature, go to, Settings > Safari and toggle the switch to On near the Ask Websites Not To Track Me option.

Disable Cookies

Cookies are used by almost all sites in the web that stores your information for giving you a personalized experience. In Safari, you can disable sites from using cookies. For this, go to Settings > Safari and under the Privacy & Security tab, toggle the switch near the Block All Cookies option to On position.

Control Camera and Microphone Access

Many of the apps request access to the camera and microphone on your device. You can control this app permissions through the Safari app by going to Settings > Safari. After it is opened, then toggle the Camera & Microphone Access button to On.

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