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How to Tie Yahoo! Mail Plus Account with Gmail on Android Tablets

Android Tablets

Tie Yahoo! Mail Plus Account

Below is how to tie Gmail account with Yahoo! Mail Plus account from your Android tablet. This way, you can access all mail from both Yahoo! Mail and Gmail at one place. Most of us are used to receiving emails from Gmail inbox and composing e-mails on the go on Android tablets or other devices. In case you subscribe to a Yahoo! Mail Plus account, you can tie that with Gmail in the below way.

First, open Gmail on your tablet and access the desktop version. Now click on the gear icon and select Settings from the menu. Then, navigate to Accounts and Import tab, click on Add a POP3 Mail Account You Own, and enter your Yahoo! Mail ID under the respective column. Tap on Next Step, enter your full Yahoo! Mail ID under Username, and enter the Yahoo! Mail password under Password column.

Moreover, ensure POP3 Server of Yahoo! is chosen under the POP Server drop-down menu. If the server fails to load in the menu, select Other, and enter your server name under POP Server. Check if 995 Port is chosen under Port and make sure the Leave a Copy of Retrieved Messages option is selected on the Server. If not checked, Gmail would erase the retrieved e-mails from your Yahoo! Mail Plus account.

When done, check Always Use a Secure Connection When Retrieving Mail and other options if you need, and then click on Add Account. Then, choose Yes, I want to Be Able to Send Mail as (your Yahoo! Mail ID) and click on Next Step. Enter the name you need to appear in the form so that you can send mails from Yahoo! Mail ID from Gmail using the name entered. Then, choose the subsequent optional steps and click on Next Step to continue integrating Yahoo! Mail Plus to Gmail.

Ensure if Send through SMTP Server is selected and enter the SMTP Server for outgoing mails under SMTP Server section. See if 450 is chosen under Port and enter the Yahoo! Mail ID and password as explained before. Additionally, check Secured Connection Using SSL is chosen by default and click on Add Account. In case you get a prompt, click on the Send Verification prompt and get the confirmation code sent to your Yahoo! Mail account. Copy the confirmation code, paste it under Enter and Verify the Confirmation Code form in Gmail, and click on Verify. You can then access Yahoo! Mail on your Gmail account on your Android tablet.

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